motors & geardmotors

Gear Boxes and Geared Motors       
SIEMENS company produces motors and mechanical speed reducers with fixed and variable-speed worm, helical:.
Technical specifications:
Ability of 0.03 KW to 130 KW.
 Beyond the speed of 0.1 rpm to 1200 rpm.
 Torque until 5200 N.m.
 All methods of installation are possible.
 Flanges and  frame and made of cast iron.
 Efficiency 95%, and  service Factor up to 12.1%.
 To ensure the longevity of the gearbox used Taper roller or Radial bearing types.
 Gear teeth have ZI profile to improve the level of contact between the gear surfaces and reduce the noise level.
 With lubricating oil to Synthetic Oil.
 All kinds of speed reducers:
• Worm gearbox
• Combined worm gearbox
• Inline gearboxes
• Helical bevel gearboxes
• Shaft gearboxes-shaft mounted gearboxes
 AC motors:
• degree of protection up to IP55 and the degree of isolation of up to Class F.
• motors with one speed or two speeds.
• input voltage motors with single-or three- face.
• motors with braking sudden stop working.
 motor connected to gearbox .
 motor connected to gearbox and equipped with electronic frequency inverter (ESV).
 The ability to install various add-ons such as:
• Torque arm and Torque limiter
• Single output shaft
• Double extended input shaft
• Backstop device